september 03, 2020
Hello there! It's been so long, hasn't it? I apologize for neglecting this place for such a long time; life has a habit of getting in the way. I'm afraid this update doesn't bring much news, but I do want to say that I am not done with websites by any means and I would very much like to complete *something* this year. Please stay tuned! I did manage to clean up my links, at least. Sadly some domains have disappeared, but I've noticed some of my good friends are getting back into the hobby! Hopefully this trend continues. :) Be well and I hope to have something new to share with you in less than three years' time, lol.

august 02, 2017
OMD finally has a new layout! Or layouts. Besides it being much overdue, I also wanted to celebrate OMD's tenth anniversary, which is today. I almost didn't make it, but the prospect of having this hubmle little domain online for ten whole years really helped motivate me to get this done. I hope you enjoy it! :) I don't know what exactly is coming up next, but I am hoping to complete another tribute before this year is over.

Thanks so much for ten years! Here's to ten more! ♥

february 23, 2016
Even though it's a bit late, since it's my first update of 2016, Happy New Year!! Sadly this is not much of a good update; I've removed my Lumiere site from the "websites" page, as I am very unhappy with its current state. The site is still online, so if you know where to find it, it's there. I just don't want it listed again until I can bring it up to standard. I will try and work on it soon, but I have some other sites that are higher priority right now. That's it for the time being. With any luck the next update will be brighter!

september 02, 2015
Opened a new one-page site! Ardor is dedicated to Lumiere of Beauty and the Beast and was made for Amassment's One Page, One Month Marathon. The websites page has been updated accordingly.

Not entirely sure what's next. Perhaps I can finally finish one of the four upcomings I have listed.

may 24, 2015
After more than a year, OMD has a brand new layout! I didn't mean to take so long, but I had trouble coming up with something. Anyway, version 13 features a lovely scene from the amazing film How to Train Your Dragon. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it. :) That is all for now, though I hope to have a new site open soon for the Old School Marathon at Amassment.

january 01, 2015
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 is a good year for you. :) Just before 2014 ended I added a new site to the collective: Mr. White Christmas. It is dedicated to the lovable Snow Miser of The Year without a Santa Claus. This is the first joint project I've participated in; I took Snowy while my friend Cherri took Heat Miser, and we had a blast making our sites to these timeless Christmasy characters. Give them both a visit and enjoy!

That's all for now! I have a lot in store for 2015, so keep on coming back to see what is happening here at OMD. ♥

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