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history was purchased at the beginning of August (the 2nd, to be exact), 2007. I bought the domain space from, who also included the domain name in the package. I decided to buy a domain after issues with one of my hostesses led me to worry about stability for my sites' homes. In other words, I figured if I had my own domain then I would know my websites would have a secure and permanent home. Shortly after I came to this conclusion, was purchased and I became a domain-mommy! The domain was officially opened on September 13, 2007.

After tehlove closed down, I was hosted by Devyn of until January of 2009. I am currently hosted by the lovely Mitzrael of, for which I am eternally grateful and honored. ♥ :)

the layout

Version #13 of, uploaded May 24, 2015, features How to Train Your Dragon. It's a wonderful movie and I love it a lot, but the funny thing is I had no intention of using it for this layout. I had actually planned to use Big Hero 6, but ran into some difficulty when it came to designing anything. So I went with another animated film I adore. I always loved this part of the movie; it's a lovely scene both for the visuals and the part of the story, when Astrid sees that dragons are actually good.

As usual, credits can be found here. The fonts used are Before the Rain and Carnivalee Freakshow.


The name comes in part from my [now dead] fanlisting collective, Darling. I knew I would be closing it when I got the domain, but I love the term of endearment "darling" so much, I wanted to continue to use it somehow. So I took inspiration from the song "Oh My Darling, Clementine". Obviously I left off the Clementine, and was left with Oh My Darling. Well, I thought that sounded rather cute and sweet, and me being such a sucker for cute and sweet things led me to choose ohmydarling as the domain. .org was chosen as the extension not because it was the only one available, but because I liked the way that one sounded the best.

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