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history was purchased at the beginning of August (the 2nd, to be exact), 2007. I bought the domain space from, who also included the domain name in the package. I decided to buy a domain after issues with one of my hostesses led me to worry about stability for my sites' homes. In other words, I figured if I had my own domain then I would know my websites would have a secure and permanent home. Shortly after I came to this conclusion, was purchased and I became a domain-mommy! The domain was officially opened on September 13, 2007.

After tehlove closed down, I was hosted by Devyn of until January of 2009. I am currently hosted by the lovely Mitzrael of (formerly, for which I am eternally grateful and honored. ♥ :)

the layout

Version #12 of, uploaded May 13, 2014, features The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013). It's a truly wonderful movie with a moving storyline and is excellent work from Ben Stiller. Anyway, I had wanted to give my domain a new layout for some time, and I actually was inspired by a different poster for the movie. (Walter sitting on an airplane wing.) However, when I went to work with it, I found myself at a roadblock. Thankfully, this poster instead worked out perfectly. I can't help thinking the style is a little different for me, but maybe I just haven't done one like this in a while. I was able to avoid using light textures, which I tend to rely on, so I'm glad for that at least.

As usual, credits can be found here. The font I used in the main image is Honey Script. The image used came from WalterMitty.Com.


The name comes in part from my [now dead] fanlisting collective, Darling. I knew I would be closing it when I got the domain, but I love the term of endearment "darling" so much, I wanted to continue to use it somehow. So I took inspiration from the song "Oh My Darling, Clementine". Obviously I left off the Clementine, and was left with Oh My Darling. Well, I thought that sounded rather cute and sweet, and me being such a sucker for cute and sweet things led me to choose ohmydarling as the domain. .org was chosen as the extension not because it was the only one available, but because I liked the way that one sounded the best.

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