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Here we have the heart and soul of the domain, the websites. Please take a look around and give them a visit. Hopefully there is something here that catches your interest. :) Sites are arranged by category and within category, by date of opening from oldest » newest.

character tributes

Subject: EVE of WALL•E
Opened: July 30, 2009
Special Notes: Participant in Summer of Shrines
EVE is an amazing character. For a robot, she displays a wide range of emotions. She goes from following her programming to following the one she loves. It's always hard for me to rate anything Pixar, but EVE makes it easy to play favorites.

Yoshida ChizuruRamen & Miniskirts
Subject: Yoshida Chizuru of Kimi ni Todoke
Opened: June 01, 2010
Special Notes: none
Despite being a tomboy, Chizu is prone to tear up at touching words or gestures. And though she is generally cheerful and carefree, she has a satisfyingly serious side as well. Combine that with the unyielding loyalty she has for her friends, and it's no wonder she is one of my favorite females from any manga, ever.

Elliot StablerIntensity
Subject: Elliot Stabler of Law & Order SVU
Opened: August 01, 2010
Special Notes: Participant in the Live Action Shrine Marathon
In a series whose entire cast are all admirably dedicated to the pursuit of justice, Elliot ranks #1 on my list (his partner is a scarily close second). He is a loving family man, and half of one of the best partnerships on television. Elliot's definitely one of the greatest fictional detectives out there, and despite his many demons, he is truly a good man.

Like a Boss
Subject: Benson of Regular Show
Opened: July 31, 2014
Special Notes: Participant in the Creature Feature Challenge
It says a lot about a character when watching them lose their cool raises your blood pressure. But there's more to Benson than just his entertaining anger issues, like his love of whole wheat donuts and willingness to try new things. Benson is a pretty layered character, perhaps the most in a show that is both crazy and awesome.

ElsaWarmth in Winter
Subject: Elsa of Frozen
Opened: August 22, 2014
Special Notes: Participant in One Page, One Month
Despite her snowy powers, Elsa is a warm and caring soul. Her intentions are always good, even if their results are not. And over the course of the movie, she learns that love has the power to thaw. This, plus her magic powers and her love for her sister, make her a true queen.

Snow MiserMr. White Christmas
Subject: Snow Miser of The Year without a Santa Claus
Opened: December 30, 2014
Special Notes: Half of a joint project with Cherri
This site was born out of a shared love of The Year without a Santa Claus and its irreplacable Miser Brothers with my good friend Cherri. I love both brothers a lot, but since I live in an area that experiences the cold and snow I thought Snow Miser was a good fit for me (While Cherri, in her warmer climate, took Heat Miser). Snowy's silly puns and his being a big ham are what make him an unforgettable part of TYwoaSC.

general series fansites

The IncrediblesDynamic Family
Subject: The Incredibles
Opened: February 01, 2012
Special Notes: Participant in the General Series Fansite Marathon
The Incredibles is just that - incredible. It has action, humor and a lot of heart, and puts a delightfully new spin on the super hero genre. Everything from the visuals to the characters are amazing and captivating. It's no wonder that after all these years, I still adore this movie and never tire of watching the Parr Family's adventures.

celebrity fansites

Joel McHaleAll Hail
Subject: Joel McHale
Opened: August 31, 2012
Special Notes: Participant in One Page, One Month: ENCORE
I never thought I'd be one to make a celebrity fansite, but that's the power of Joel McHale. He brings snark and charm to everything he does, and for that, he is one of my most favorite famous people ever. All Hail is not your typcial celebrity fansite with news snippets and a huge image gallery, but it hopefully expresses my adoration for Mr. McHale nonetheless.



what's next?

I've got many other ideas for sites, and even some that are definitely upcoming, but I do like to keep some of my subjects a secret. ;)

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