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Approved: June 23, 2006
Opened: July 22, 2006
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Having been a guinea pig owner for most of my life now, I know that guinea pigs can be a bit overdramatic (re: they can be hams), especially when it comes to getting their oh-so-prized treats. So you could say that's one explanation for the name of this site. Another would be to relate the word "ham" to pigs. And yes, I know guinea pigs aren't technically pigs, but that's just splitting hairs. Anyway! That's how the title was chosen.


This is the second version of LH. It was designed in PSP9 and coded in Notepad. It was put online May 16, 2014. Credits for the resources used in the layout can be found here. The fonts used in the main image are J.M. Nexus Grotesque and always forever. I also used Cacavia for the little guinea pig icons in the headers.

thank yous

A very big thank you to everyone on this list! ♥
Kryz and Daphne for hosting me previously, and Mitzrael for hosting me now.
The Fanlistings for approving me for this much treasured subject. I am forever grateful to be able to run this fanlisting.