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Dr. Perry Cox, portrayed by the fantastic John C. McGinley, is a main character in the television comedy Scrubs. He is a highly skilled medical doctor at the show's main setting, Sacred Heart Hospital. What Dr. Cox lacks in general manners, he makes up for in genuine care of his patients and the people around him. It is not always clear to see that Dr. Cox does like his fellow employees, but his respect is there nonetheless. Due to his proud and egotistical nature, it just takes a lot for him to show it. However, his sarcastic and quickly-formed insults are a big part of what make Dr. Cox so enjoyable to watch.

In contrast, Dr. Cox also has a serious side, which is seen on rare but very touching occasions. One instance is the episode "My Cake", in which J.D.'s father passes away and his brother comes to stay with him for a bit. Not really knowing how to comfort J.D. or show him any support, Dr. Cox shows up at his apartment with beer and a Detroit Redwings jersey. As the two of them, along with J.D.'s brother, sit watching football, Perry tells J.D. that he knows his father was proud of him, and that he is proud of him as well
Another very emotional episode centering on Perry is "My Lunch", in which three of Dr. Cox's patients die as a result of organ transplants that were infected with rabies. After losing his third patient, Dr. Cox leaves the hospital. When he later shows up to work drunk (in the following episode, "My Fallen Idol"), he is put on leave, and the others take turns visiting him at his home. J.D. bails on his shift, but evenutally goes to see Dr. Cox in the end. Initially J.D. thought he didn't want to see him because he'd come to work drunk, but then he realizes that he was actually scared of seeing Perry in that state. J.D. explains that he's always seen Perry as a superhero, and that he is a great doctor for, after 20 years, still taking it so hard when things go wrong.

In addition to being a doctor, Perry is also a father. He has two children, Jack and Jennifer Dylan (whose initials are "J.D.", much to Perry's annoyance), with his ex-wife Jordan Sullivan. Though they are no longer married, Perry and Jordan still love each other and live together. They are simply the type of couple who work better unmarried as opposed to married. Jordan is just as sarcastic and quick to insult as Perry. This makes them both a perfect match and prone to clashes, which Jordan usually wins.

The following contains spoilers for the latest season
In season 8, Dr. Cox becomes Sacred Heart's Chief of Medicine. Though the job is incredibly difficult, he manages to handle it. He also becomes friends with Dr. Kelso, a fact which the both of them try to hide, but everyone can see nonetheless.

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