Hi there! Welcome to Going Bananas, a little site where you can adopt a pixel Minion from the Despicable Me movies. If you want a Minion for your website, you've come to the right place! Take one home today and add a touch of yellow cuteness to your site. :)

If you have any comments/questions, my email is just below. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

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The Minions are small, yellow creatures who work for Gru, the main character in the Despicable Me movies. They wear denim overalls, gloves, and goggles. (Minions can be single-eyed or have two eyes.) They have very little hair and speak what appears to be a mixture of various languages, but some words are discernable. The Minions are, in my opinion, very good little helpers; they cheer Gru on when he announces his evil schemes, act as guinea pigs for Dr. Nefario's inventions, and are very loyal to Gru and his missions. They are also good to his three daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. The Minions seem to have a fondness for music, having been seen singing karaoke and dancing with the girls after their recital. And of course, they love bananas.

If you want to adopt a Minion (or more) for your website, that would be great! I know these little guys would love a good home on the web, and I'd be happy to know that people want them. :) Just a few rules to follow and you are all set to get a Minion of your own!

• Use the pixels for adoption purposes only; they are not to be used in icons or layouts, etc.
• Save the Minion(s) to your own server or image hosting site.
• Link back to Going Bananas
• Do not take credit for and/or redistribute the Minion pixels

That's it! ♥

The first set of adoptees have no border, and the second set have a white border. More may be added at any time, so feel free to check back here. Don't forget, link your Minion(s) back to:

This site came into existence as a result of my obsession with the Minions. They are a big reason I love DM so much, and when the second movie was released not too long ago, my love for the little yellow guys got even stronger. That feeling, combined with my recent foray into pixeling, resulted in this website. :)

You're currently viewing version two of this site, which was uploaded on July 3, 2017. It features a screenshot from Minions. The layout and pixels were made in PSP9. The fonts used in the layout header are Bela Lisboa and Moon Flower. Resource credits can be found here.

I'm always happy to trade links, so if you have a pixel adoption site or a site dedicated to DM, please email me if interested! You can use a text link or the button below to link to GB.


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