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Hello! This is Just Souper!, the only fanlisting recognized by The Fanlistings Network for actor and personality Joel McHale. Joel is best known as the host of E! Network's The Soup and as Jeff Winger in the NBC series Community. If you are a fan of the tall, funny and adorable Joel, please don't hesitate to join the list and spread the love. :)

This fanlisting was previously owned by Missy, who adopted it to Melanie, who kindly adopted it to me in May of 2010. Thank you so much, Melanie! ♥

JS! is listed under both the Actors and Personalities categories at TFL, so whether you enjoy Joel as one or the other - or both! - you're most welcome to join. Enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!

♥ Sarah


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I am not Joel McHale, nor do I know him personally or have any affiliation with/connection to him. This is just an unofficial fansite. No copyright infringement intended. Thank you.