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Joel McHale is a man of many trades. Aside from being quite tall and adorable, he is an actor, a television personality, and a comedian. Since 2004, Joel has been hosting The Soup, the only worthwhile show on the E! Network. As the intro to the show states, Joel watches "reality" tv shows and various daytime talk shows "all for you!". As host of The Soup, he pokes fun at WTF moments that occur on said shows and provides a sarcastic and biting commentary. He's rather excellent at it, too, if I may say so!

In addition to his job as host, Joel is also an actor. He has had many roles in TV series and movies, including Will & Grace, Spider-Man 2, The Informant!, and Pushing Daisies. Recently, he has scored his largest and most notable role to date as Jeff Winger in the NBC comedy Community. Jeff is a lawyer who has been disbarred after it's discovered that he got his degree from Colombia the country, not Columbia University.

Not only does he host and act, but Mr. McHale is also a comedian who does live shows. Whatever he's doing, he's a real charm and a talented man. :)


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