rules for joining

Here are some guidelines for those of you wishing to join JCGE. They are very easy to follow, I promise!

general rules

001. You need a website to this join this clique, as well as an email address that is a) valid and b) your own. Emails are hidden.

002. On your website, you must link back to JCGE somewhere. If I cannot find the clique code, you won't be added. However, I'll give a day or two for you to get the code up.

003. Also, your site must be free of any offensive content - this means nothing hateful, racist, or porny.

rules pertaining to claims

001. Despite the fact that this clique is labeled as "claiming", more than one person may claim/join with the same food.

002. You may only claim one food. I know, I know - it's super hard! But you can change your food any time, if you wish. Conversely, you can join with more than one website and choose a different food for each different site.

003. As for what you can claim, have a look at the examples below. Just about any food item is allowed, and I'll be pretty lax with this. So as long as you don't pick something that falls under "what's not allowed", you should be good.
Examples of what is allowed:
• Beverages/drinks
• Dishes, like Beef Stroganoff or Chicken Marsala
• Trademarked foods, like Skittles or Meximelts
• A regional food, like Indian (so you would be able to join with "Indian Food")
• Being general, like "cake" or "eggs", or being specific, like "German Chocolate Cake" or "scrambled eggs"
Examples of what is not allowed:
• Any of the daily meals, like breakfast or dinner
• A whole food group
• Characterizing foods, like "red-colored foods"