Greetings! Welcome to Just Can't Get Enough, a webclique dedicated to the wonderful thing known as food. More specifically, this clique's purpose is to let you claim your favorite food. Do you love pizza to no end? Could you eat strawberries every day of your life and never get tired of them? Then you've come to the right place! No, not because we give you free pizza or strawberries (sorry!), but because you can join this little clique to let people know which food you love and just can't get enough of. That's what cliques are for, really - expressing your interests and letting people know your passions. So have a look around and if you want to join, please don't hesitate!

Navigation is to your left. Check out the rules to make sure you know what's needed/required for joining, grab a code for your site, then go ahead and join to share your love of food! Thank you for visiting, and I do hope you will add your name to our list.


JCGE was last updated on September 17, 2020. There are 27 members.

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Sept 17, 2020: Hello there! My apologies for not updating this place in so long! I am so sorry if you tried to join and the form did not work; hopefully it is working now, so if you happened to have joined in the last nearly four years (ugh!) and were never added, please do join again!
If I am feeling creative enough I may give this site a new layout sometime soon, but for now please know that I am definitely going to do better at general maintenance, haha.
April 05, 2016: After nearly three years, JCGE has a new layout. :) Hope you like it! I added a new text code option as well.